At the end of October, it is time for starting the picking of the olives in Tuscany.
Especially in the Southern part of Siena, where it is warmer, and the olive gets ready earlier, few of the best extra virgin olive oil producers start this old art of picking the fruit of the Green gold.
In Tuscany, extra virgin olive oil is an old local product and tradition.
It was produced a long time ago by the Villanova’s since the 7th Century BC, then the Etruscans, then the Romans until today, when it has become an essential element of the Tuscan cuisine.
We organize the Best tours in Tuscany; we organize tours at the best olive oil farms in the South of Tuscany.
We offer this unique tour from the end of October until the end of November.
During the tour, we meet the best oil producer, can see how the oil is made, from the picking to the extraction, using the most modern equipment and tools,
We will tour the orchard together, an educational walk through the old olive trees, before visiting the technical farm where we can see the extraction of the Green Gold!
Extra virgin olive oil is an essential food in Tuscany and the Mediterranean diet.
We invited you to JOIN US FOR OUR FOOD AND WINE TOURS, and we always offer great meals during our tours to have the best experience with the best food spending an unforgettable time!

Tuscan extra virgin olive oil


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