bolgheri wine tour

Tour of Bolgheri and Supertuscan Wine

This wine area is considered the Little Bordeaux of Tuscany, since 1968 produced on the land of Tenuta di San Guido, Sassicaia gained is own D.O.C over the D.O.C. Bolgheri, considered by Wine Spectator the Best Wine in the World on the Harvest 2015.

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Wine Tour Montepulciano

This tour features the San Giovese Grape! It’s grown in Montepulciano and has been grown in this area in the sandy and alluvial soil, since the 1500’s. It has and does to this day produce a unique wine called Vino Nobile. The translation “Noble Wine” and is one one of the most famous Italian DOCG, denomination of the wine.

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Wine Tour Montalcino

Discover Montalcino and its Wine  Cellars, the most sophisticated expression of Sangiovese in Tuscany. About Montalcino: An Enchanting Medieval Walled Village, located on the South…

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